About Us

About Us

Our Organisation 'International Adi Shankaracharya Research & Awareness Foundation' founded in Jan 2017 in The Hague, Netherlands by Swami Keshvananda Ji (Sh. K.P. Bhardwaj) who is a scholar, religious leader, preacher, Hindu saint, and is a sea of divine knowledge, an expert & experienced astrologer.

To know more about our founder Swami Keshvananda Ji, kindly visit www.navnidhi.org

Our vision is to create harmony amongst all other religions and to create a better world around us by creating awareness about Adi Shankaracharya Ji by following his teachings and his accomplishments.

We strive to work hard for a peaceful & harmonious world around us.

The major aims of our organisation are:

  • To create awareness about Adi Shankaracharya Ji, his achievements, & his sacrifices to restore our religion to make a better world.
  • To re-establish the existence of Sharada Peeth, Kashmir in its utmost dignity and purity. This is the pious place where Shankaracharya Ji was honored with the title of 'Jagadguru' (world-leader).
  • To create, grow, & nourish harmony and respect, instead of tolerance, with other religions.
  • To create awareness to keep our rivers & other water bodies clean.
  • To unite everyone for betterment of environment and cleanliness.
  • To create awareness of our religion amongst new generation by proven sciences logic behind each & every custom of our Hindu religion since our religion is not a Myth, it's a reality and has proven facts even before the concepts of modern science theory in today's modern world.
  • To append academics curriculum with knowledge of Adi Shankaracharya Ji (in his country of birth, India).
  • To construct new Universities based on Vedanta academics in honor to Adi Shankaracharya Ji (initially in his country of birth, India & later globally)
  • To rename one road of Lutyens zone, New Delhi as ‘Shankaracharya Marg’. (in his countery of birth, India)
  • To create awareness and teach Sanskrit (most ancient) language by conducting workshops & seminars globally.